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          1. 中文



            Copyright ? 2018 JIANGMEN JIANGSHENG ELECTRIC MACHINERY WORKS CO,LTD All rights reserved 粵ICP備05074118號 Power by?300.cn

            ABOUT US


            “Jiangyan” trademark motor is widely used for power supply of fans, compressors, water pumps, agricultural machinery, food machinery, woodworking machinery, construction machinery, pressure machinery and complete sets of equipment; the products are sold well in all parts of the province and established in more than 10 provinces and municipalities in China. Selling Centre.

            Company Address: Xinhua Awards, Lile Town, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province

            Contact Number:0750-3623765



            CONTACT US


            Jiangmen Jiangyan Motor Co., Ltd.

            Add: Xinhua Awards, Lile Town, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province
            Phone:0750-3623765(Operating)  0750-3353765(Finance) 0750-3623498(Headquarters)
            Fax:0750-3621536(Operating)  0750-3620531(Finance) 0750-3631201(Technical department)
            Zip code:529060