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          1. 中文



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            ABOUT US


            “Jiangyan” trademark motor is widely used for power supply of fans, compressors, water pumps, agricultural machinery, food machinery, woodworking machinery, construction machinery, pressure machinery and complete sets of equipment; the products are sold well in all parts of the province and established in more than 10 provinces and municipalities in China. Selling Centre.

            Company Address: Xinhua Awards, Lile Town, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province

            Contact Number:0750-3623765




            position Name:

            Forklift apprentice

            work place:
            FOREIGN TRADE
            Number of recruits:
            Working years:
            release time:
            2018/12/12 11:41
            瀏覽量 :
            Logistics and unloader forklift workers can apprentice
            Self-logistic logistics yards, now looking for porters, forklift drivers can apprentices, several names. Work is guaranteed, according to the intermediary
            Now in the peak season of logistics, we are looking for a new employee to work hard and want to work in the company for a long time without restriction and willingness.
            Forklift driver qualification:
            1. There is a forklift license, and the experience of driving operation of the forklift is preferred.
            2, good health, strong sense of responsibility, can bear hardships and stand hard work.
            3. Be honest, practical, and proactive.
            4. It is mainly responsible for the loading and unloading of the loading and unloading trucks in the yard. The loading and unloading workers put the pallets, the forklift trucks fork the pallets, and the loading and unloading trucks are loaded and unloaded. The forklifts are all 3 tons of oil forks.
            5, apprentice salary paid work, monthly salary of 4,500, after the completion of the monthly salary of 6,000, full twenty-six days of full-time monthly, full-time awards of 500 to 800.
            6, forklift apprentices and hand-drivers monthly salary, this month to work a few days, the next month to start a few wages, wages a day without arrears.
            Porter's job responsibilities: Mainly responsible for loading and unloading trucks, with forklifts during work, loading and unloading goods (food, cosmetics, hardware, miscellaneous, drugs), the weight of goods ranging from 10 to 50 kg.
            Every day, the company has a lot of work, but it depends on the individual's ability to work. [If you do not live for the company, workers can enjoy a minimum of 200 yuan per day], except for their own reasons.